MAL Pakistan Limited is among the first to pioneer online lube condition monitoring System for natural gas industry since its inception, it has yielded significant amount in cost avoidance, savings and/or increased revenue. Our excellent products and services are the reasons our customers can achieve the greatest value out of their Lube condition monitoring.

Lube Care Web Application is tailored to your exact needs

It is provided through state-of-the-art software for the analysis and trending of oil sampling data. It allows you to look inside your critical equipment, providing an ongoing picture of mechanical wear, plus practical advice on managing your capital investment. With the latest trend data, you can:

Prevent unscheduled downtime

Plan maintenance and parts ordering more accurately

Schedule when to take your system off service

Postpone unnecessary stoppages

An updated trend of equipment is available at LARR Password protected Web site.

Today, more and more companies are seeking to intensify predictive maintenance practices and increase reliance on oil analysis to ensure equipment reliability and reduce costs. The need for a program to simplify the entire lubrication monitoring process has never been greater. Online Lube Care brings the expertise and resources of MAL Pakistan Limited to you in a new way. This technically advanced oil analysis program includes proprietary capabilities that you can access online. Online Lube Care delivers the knowledge you need to better understand the condition of both lubricant and equipment. With Online Lube Care, we are taking oil analysis to a new level and making it easier for maintenance professionals to ensure equipment reliability and reduce costs.

Expert analytical services help make

especially useful for maintenance professionals

seeking to increase productivity and profits

Online Lube Care is designed with the needs and concerns of our busiest customers in mind. This full-featured program is easy to use, secure and reliable. OLC goes beyond simply providing basic information on the condition of your lubricants and equipment.


Perform many tasks more efficiently with the online capabilities of OLC Manage and update equipment registration. Track your sample online


Direct your business' maintenance activities knowing you have an updated trend of your equipment Benefit from proprietary test control limits based on your equipment's make, model, lubricant and application.


Make decisions with confidence knowing that MAL Pakistan Limited invests considerable resources in a rigorous quality assurance program

Realize advantages through practices and methods that are regularly audited Experience a commitment to quality through results. consistent, accurate oil analysis.