Automatic Transmission Fluid

Mobil ATF is recommended for use in applications requiring Dexron IID,Renk Doromat,Caterpiller TO-2 Ford MSC 33G,Mobil ATF 220 is approved against or meets the following specifications and builder service fill requirnments:Allisons Type C-4(Approval C4 21132295),Caterpillar TO-2,MAN 339 D,Mercedes Benz sheet 236.6/236.7, Voith (G607),Diwa,Diwamatic,Porshe,Renk,volkswage and Certoplan transmissions and torque converters,ZF TE-ML-09 Power and Hydrostatic steering gearboxes in passengers cars,ZF TE-ML-11 Automatic gearboxes in passengers cars,ZF TE-ML-14 Ecomatic torques converters in heavy duty vehicles.