Employees Performance Recognition and Award Ceremony 2013

The company closed another successful year in 2012 and is progressing towards achieving its plans for 2013 and beyond. All this is made possible with the commitment and dedication of every member of the team. Aligned with its proud tradition to celebrate the success and to applaud the efforts of our stars, the annual Employee Performance Recognition & Reward Ceremony was Celebrated on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at Jasmine Hall in Beach Luxury Hotel, Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road, Karachi.

Chief Guest of the ceremony Lt. Gen. Tahir Mehmood (Retd.) - Managing Director, AWT.

CEO Presenting Memento to MD-AWT

CEO Presenting Memento to Executive Director - AWT

MD-AWT Presenting Memento to CEO MAL Pakistan

CEO Top Performer Award 2012

Mr. Zeeshan Farooq: Zeeshan Farooq is an Area Business Manager in Faisalabad region. This region was badly affected by energy crisis and gas shutdowns. Despite all the challenges, Zeeshan single handedly was able to give a huge growth in volumes of almost 50% over 2011 and marginal contribution more than 35% growth over last year. His focus on Mobil products, Askari products, Distributor handling and his consistent performances for last 3 years made him the unanimous choice for CEO Top Performers Award. Well Done Zeeshan.

Employee Excellence Award

1. Mr. Imran Javed ; Based on his outstanding and dedicated contribution in streamlining and improving CS and other administrative activities in North, he is awarded Employee Excellence Award for 2012.

2. Mr. Falak Niaz : Falak Niaz Area Business Manager, based in Peshawar for Khayber Pakhtoon Khawa province. The territory has shown a consistent growth pattern, all possible due to untiring commitment.

3. Mr. Noman Ali Siddiqui: Under the leadership of Mr. Noman Ali Siddiqui, MAL Laboratory secured highest rating as "preferred status" in Quality Practices and Guidelines audit conducted by ExxonMobil in 2012. Moreover more than 7500 customers' in-service oil samples tested in 2012.

4.Mr. Kashif Waqar: Kashif Waqar is an Area Business Manager in South region. His initiatives and focus in process segment especially in Pakistan's no. one cement plant - Lucky Cement, gave him 100% growth over his last year's volume and margins.

Sales Champion Award

1.Mr. Zeeshan Farooq (Industrial): Zeeshan Farooq -The Area Business Manager Faisalabad, who truly deserves this award for his magnificent work throughout the year. He a magical figure of 1000 barrels (almost 160,000 liters) in a calendar month. He was also able to establish Askari brand in Faisalabad

2. Mr. Muhammad Qasim (Automotive) : Muhammad Qasim is an area business manager in Quetta, Baluchistan – working in conditions of high security risks, Qasim's contribution during 2012 remained extra ordinary - stood no No. 1 Automotive Sales Person.

Appreciation Certificates

1. Mr. Muhammad Bilal Hussain: Achieved 100% Blending accuracy for blending filling and Controlled Over time at same level as compare previous year in spite of increase in small pack.

2. Mr. Zulfiqar Chughtai: Handled north and central dispatches singlehandedly and efficiently.

3.Mr. Niaz Ahmed: For excellent growth in Mobil Volume in Karachi Region.

4.Mr. Tahir Paracha: His focused and dedicated efforts resulted in huge increase in volumes and margins of Hyderabad and Kotri region.

5. Mr Naeem Siraj Ahmed: Effectively handled Stock reconciliations, 3P audits, Handle Receipts of more than 7200 tons raw material and more than 6500 ton product dispatch.

6. Mr. Rehan Sheikh: For his dedicated and consisting efforts in maintaining standards and ensuring compliance in plant's finance related matters.

7. Mr. Sajid Saleem: Sajid Saleem has put his efforts in saving financial costs throughout the year with effective negotiation with financial institutions.

8. Mr. Rizwan Haider: Rizwan has always put his extra efforts in making IT available for every one and his excellent cooperation with everyone.

9.Khalid Ahmed: Handled imported volume of more than 7500 tons and through effective use of 3P storage facility. Reduced transportation cost through better planning of direct deliveries to Lahore from Port.

10 Years Award

10 year's Award
Mr. Syed Ahmer Raza Abbas

5 Year's Award

1. Ms. Zaheena Hameed

2. Mr. Rizwan Haider

3. Mr. Izhar Hussain Bhatti

4. Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan

5. Mr. Syed Aleem Ali

2012 Flawless Operation